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Quinta dos Encados wine is born in one of the most beautiful and historic lands in the North of Portugal.

Located on the eastern slope of Monte da Penha, in Guimarães, our farm already has a history of four decades dedicated to the cultivation of vines and wine production.

Armando Areias


Present and


Armando Areias founded QUINTA DOS ENCADOS, having acquired the property in the 70s when he started planting fruit trees. A few years later, the first vineyard was planted, which currently extends over a property with a total of 14 hectares.
Armando Areias' children wanted to keep the patriarch's passion alive, continuing the production and bottling of the wine that was created at QUINTA DOS ENCADOS. Nowadays,
Maria José Areias, together with her family, perpetuates the tradition. The memory of Armando Areias is symbolically preserved in each bottle of wine that comes from QUINTA DOS ENCADOS through his signature.
The dedication and investment of recent years has resulted in the emergence of national and international awards and distinctions, but above all in the growth and reputation of QUINTA DA ESCADOS Wine as one of the strongholds of the best that the Vinhos Verdes Wine Region has to offer. to offer.
This personal project, more than a business, became a tribute to the founder and, with enormous family pride, has been passed down from generation to generation.


A story

(and a Wine)

to Share.

Wines are for sharing, as are good stories. At Quinta dos ENCADOS we believe we have both.
We therefore invite all interested parties to visit us to share firsthand the history, wine and challenges of Vinho Verde.

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